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What we do

The CAPE project aims to better understand and to enhance academic-policy engagement in different geographical and policy contexts across England. CAPE is providing knowledge that can help to improve the ways that universities engage with national government, parliament and local and regional authorities.

Our consortium brings together a strong network drawn from universities, policy organisations and think tanks. CAPE will design, test and evaluate interventions to improve the quality and agility of academic input into public policy. It places a strong emphasis on improving the diversity of engagements and participants. 

Impact is at the heart of what we do. Our activities directly address topical policy issues through a co-productive approach between researchers, policy professionals and other stakeholders. Targeted evaluation practices are embedded in our work to ensure continuous learning and enable us to build robust, effective policy engagement interventions. 

Project aims


Over the next four years, CAPE aims to make a substantial contribution to informing public policy development and to deliver evidence-informed best practice.

Through the delivery of collaborative academic-policy engagement activities across our partner institutions, CAPE will enhance routes for academic-policy engagement, and support the development of academic-policy engagement across the university sector and in different public policy spheres.

The project will: