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CAPE Policy Fellowships

About the Fellowship Programme

CAPE Policy Fellowships help to build and strengthen partnerships between researchers and policy professionals. CAPE Fellowships are available for both researchers to undertake work in policy organisations and also for policy professionals to spend time with universities. CAPE is building on existing practice amongst member universities, funders and policy organisations to test a range of models for Policy Fellowships. These include different lengths, pairing and cohort models, and both structured and ad hoc arrangements.

A priority theme for CAPE is building greater academic-policy engagement at the regional (and local) level of government. We are developing a programme of work with a number of regional authorities and partners to explore different options for enhancing regional knowledge brokerage and scientific and research advisory capacity. The purpose is to increase the flow of independent academic expertise and evidence from universities to policy communities in order to address regional policy priorities and deliver value for regional policy professionals. This programme will build knowledge networks and mobilise effective and responsive engagement between universities, regional authorities, and other policy stakeholders to help support the use of evidence and academic expertise in policy development and implementation.

Fellowships for Policy Professionals

The CAPE policy fellow programme is a flexible professional development programme which offers access to leading researchers across a range of disciplines at the CAPE partner universities, to support the development of evidence-informed policy, offer innovative career development pathways, and foster collaboration between academics and policy professionals.

Fellowships for Researchers, Academics, & Professional Services staff

CAPE policy fellows are researchers, academics or professional services staff based at CAPE universities who undertake policy fellowships from anywhere between 3 months to 1 year in local, regional and government and other policy organisations.

Not all CAPE fellowships require previous policy experience and we actively welcome applications from those who are new to academic policy engagement. CAPE can provide both a dedicated point of contact within the team throughout the fellowship and access to policy training where applicable.

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