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Seed Funding

CAPE funding streams support academic researchers and policy professionals to co-develop and deliver collaborative projects, in response to policy need.

CAPE Collaboration Fund

The CAPE Collaboration Fund supports projects that have been co-developed by researchers with at least one policy partner to address a specific policy need. From 2020-2024, we have supported 20 projects worth over £400k.

Funding calls have now ended for this fund.  Previous funding guidelines can be found here.


Applying for co-production funding: lessons from the CAPE Collaboration Fund

CAPE explores how to write a strong application when applying for collaborative funding between an academic and a policy partner.

Co-production in regional academic policy engagement: developing optimal conditions

A guide explaining the key principles of co-production and exploring how to plan for co-production in regional academic policy engagement.

CAPE Challenge Fund

This stream enables policy stakeholders to put forward specific challenges to which researchers can respond.