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Seed funding

CAPE seed funding grants support academic researchers and policy professionals to co-develop and deliver policy work in response to policy demand.

CAPE Collaboration Fund

The CAPE Collaboration Fund supports projects that have been co-developed by researchers with at least one policy partner to address a specific policy need.  Find out more about projects we have funded.

This scheme operates as an open call. Deadlines for academic year 2021/22 are as follows:

Proposals on any topic or idea are welcome. Proposals should aim to support engagement with public policy based on a clearly identified policy or societal need, with a named policy partner(s) and a strong element of collaboration and/or co-creation.

We welcome applications on a wide range of time scales and budgets.

CAPE Challenge-led Fund

This stream enables policy stakeholders to put forward specific challenges to which researchers can respond. Applications will be assessed via a pitch to a funding panel including the stakeholder(s) who set the challenge.