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Policy engagement skills training

CAPE is working with researchers and with policy professionals to understand and respond to specific skills training needs in order to strengthen academic-policy engagement. Our training workstream is led by the Alliance for Useful Evidence / Nesta.

Training for researchers is developing existing evidence and practice to develop programmes which will equip participants with an improved understanding of public policy and practical skills for policy engagement and research translation. The development of training programmes includes the co-creation of Train the Trainer programmes across CAPE universities to build a community of practice, as well as online resources that can be widely shared. 

Training for policy professionals is building on the A4UE Evidence Masterclass to co-create and deliver targeted evidence training courses for policymakers and policy professionals. Specific courses are currently being explored with a number of policy stakeholders. We anticipate they will include content to develop evidence literacy and scrutiny capability, increase knowledge around pathways for academic engagement, and identify opportunities for increasing institutional capacity for evidence use and generation.