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Building a National Agenda for Regional Academic-Policy Engagement

A report exploring different emerging models for regional academic-policy engagement, specific challenges of engagement at the regional policy level, and outlining conditions that will strengthen this.

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Academic Advisers in Local and Regional Authorities: CAPE Insights Report

A report on the value of academic advisers in local and regional authorities based upon our experience of convening the Local and Regional Authority Academic Advisers (LRAAA) network.

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Review paper: Assessing the effectiveness of the Oldham Economic Review as an instrument for impactful academic-policy engagement

A review paper assessing whether the Oldham Economic Review was an effective instrument for improving the quality and agility of academic input into public policy.

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Perceptions and Experiences of Academic Policy Engagement in UK Higher Education Institutions

A report exploring on the ground experiences of academics and professional services staff undertaking academic policy engagement in universities.

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Lessons from literature and practice: how to support successful academic-policy engagement

We explore common insights from the recent increase in literature on academic policy engagement.

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What works to promote academic policy engagement?

Paper from Transforming Evidence, CAPE’s evaluation team, reviewing current research policy engagement activities from organisations world-wide.

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