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Growing a university policy engagement function: towards better models, methods and measures of success

A report outlining the considerations for growing or expanding a policy engagement function at a university in order to support increased engagement between academics and policy organisations.

Based upon research into current effective policy engagement practices within universities, this CAPE report outlines a range of considerations to inform any university seeking to grow a university policy engagement function. It offers a suite of options for academic-policy engagement activities and processes alongside case studies to help you build a more sustained, strategic and university-wide approach to engagement.

In particular, this report will help you consider:

  • What models of structure, leadership and funding are appropriate?
  • What methods of policy engagement could you undertake or prioritise?
  • How will you measure engagement?

“Growing a university policy engagement function” will be relevant for university leader, academic, funder or professional services staff seeking to set up a new centre or expand an existing one. The focus is predominantly the UK, but the features insights from interviewees from Australia, Canada, the EU and the US.