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Building a National Agenda for Regional Academic-Policy Engagement

A report exploring different emerging models for regional academic-policy engagement, specific challenges of engagement at the regional policy level, and outlining conditions that will strengthen this.

This report follows a CAPE-convened ‘deep dive’ discussion in September 2023 with regional academic policy engagement initiatives to explore different emerging models, current challenges, and conditions that would support better engagement at this policy level.

We suggest that there is an an opportunity for universities to leverage their role as ‘anchor institutions’ within their regions. More widely, we challenge the UK university sector to work with funders, policymakers and other actors to build a shared regional agenda as part of a larger national movement that strengthens connections between academic research and public policy.

Read for insight into:

  • Different emerging models of regional academic policy engagement across the UK
  • Specific challenges for regional academic policy engagement
  • What conditions would enable the growth of regional academic-policy engagement