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Our Learning

Part of our remit as CAPE is to share our learning with the sector about what works in academic policy engagement, how, why and when. Below we share our knowledge, developing and ongoing, on what we know about enhancing engagement across different geographies and policy contexts across England, often sharing lessons directly from our close work with policy partners.


Case studies where we explore our partnerships, impact, and outcomes of CAPE initiatives. CAPEstudies include outputs developed through pilot projects, fellowships and knowledge exchange events.


CAPEcast is the monthly podcast from the CAPE team where we have an in-depth discussion with those with whom we collaborate, getting into the knotty issues behind academic-policy engagement and exploring our learning and insights we are discovering about what works, how, why and when

Access the catalogue and transcriptions of CAPEcast episodes.


Evaluation is embedded throughout CAPE, through both internal monitoring of our initiatives in sharing sessions with the sector to our national evaluation team, Transforming Evidence who support the global evaluation of CAPE and our impact.