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Find out more below about CAPE’s impact from those involved through case studies on our work. 

Improving learning opportunities for policy engagement: lessons from the CAPE consortium

Gigi Tennant and Kuranda Morgan from CAPE partner Nesta, who lead our training workstream, share their reflections on what they’ve learnt about how to improve training and learning provision for academics who are engaging with policy

Spending 12 months embedded in the academic world: reflections from CAPE Policy Fellow Roshnee Patel

Roshnee Patel explores why she’s taken a year out from the Ministry of Justice, the importance of taking time to reflect deeply on how she has approached policy and implementation in a central Government context, and what she’s been up to so far.

The CAPE-Ministry of Justice partnership: reflections from 12 months of activity

The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) was the first major UK government department to partner with CAPE. Ben Hepworth from the MoJ Evidence and Partnerships Hub reflects on a year of collaboration and what 2022 holds.

Building Areas of Research Interest (ARI) for select committees

Rob Davies, CAPE fellow, has been supporting the House of Commons Scrutiny Unit in trialling Select Committee Areas of Research Interest (ARIs) as a pilot exercise to increase diversity in researchers who engage with Parliament.

Strengthening regional academic policy engagement: the case of West Yorkshire

Dr Richard Whittle, CAPE Fellow, reflects on his work so far with Yorkshire Universities, the Place Based Economic Recovery Network (PERN), and West Yorkshire Combined Authority.