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What is CAPEcast?

CAPEcast is the podcast from the CAPE team where we have an in-depth discussion with those with whom we collaborate, getting into the knotty issues behind academic-policy engagement and exploring our learning and insights we are discovering about what works, how, why and when.

What are CAPEcast lites?

CAPEcast lites are short podcasts from the CAPE team exploring particular concepts in academic-policy engagement. These are designed as conversation starters rather than definitive pieces and we invite others to share their understanding of concepts – let’s have a conversation!

CAPEcast lites are coming soon to a podcast player near you.


CAPEcast · Episode 2: Towards co-production – how academics can engage with local government
CAPEcast · Episode 1: Academic-Policy engagement for regional development


We always try to explain common acronyms in public policy the first time we use them in our podcasts and try to say them in full throughout but sometimes we do forget. Here’s a list to help if you forget what they stand for:

If you come across any others while listening to our podcasts let us know.

If you have an idea for a podcast please get in touch at [email protected]


All episode transcriptions can be found on each episode link on SoundCloud.