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CAPE launches policy fellowship with Department for Health and Social Care on women’s health

We are pleased to launch our new fellowship with the Department for Health and Social Care (DHSC) on women’s health taken up by fellow Jane McDermott from the University of Manchester. The Vision for Women’s Health Strategy for England was published in December 2021 and set out a clear ambition to improve the health and wellbeing of women and girls for the future. The forthcoming strategy is due to be launched in 2022 and includes a focus on research, evidence and data. Jane McDermott’s CAPE Fellowship will involve supporting this theme to inform insight and understanding of the critical issues that impact … Continued

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On Productivity : A new report from academics at The University of Manchester calls for significant changes in order to ‘level up’ the country 

The UK has a productivity problem. The productivity record in the UK has been consistently among the worst in the OECD with output per hour worked growing at a snail pace of 0.5% per year on average between 2008 and 2019. And this productivity problem becomes more challenging when you consider the huge variation within the UK, across devolved nations, regions and cities. That slow nationwide 0.5% productivity growth is double the growth seen in the north-east, while growth stalled entirely in the north-west and declined in Yorkshire and the Humber over the past decade. “The promise to level up … Continued

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