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Call for academic expertise on artificial intelligence in weapons systems

⌚ Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

The House of Lords select committee on Artificial Intelligence in Weapon Systems has published their Areas of Research Interest (ARI) alongside their Call for Evidence. Academics, research institutions and experts with technical and other expertise concerning AI in Weapon Systems are invited to complete a short survey about their research.

Areas of Research Interest include:

  • definitions of autonomous weapon systems (AWS)
  • human involvement in the use of AWS
  • the technical capabilities and limitations of the AI models underpinning AWS
  • the impact might AWS have on warfare
  • the role of international humanitarian law in governing the use of AWS

Researchers at all career stages are invited to share their research and insights, highlight any evidence gaps and how these could be addressed, and suggest scrutiny questions for the Committee. Those who respond to the ARI survey will be entered onto a database of experts who may be contacted by parliamentary staff in order to help them scrutinise this area of interest.

ARIs are being used by some Parliamentary select committees as a further method for engagement with the research community, in addition to their calls for evidence based on their current priorities and inquiries. The development of this ARI has been supported by CAPE Policy Fellow Nicky Buckley who is working on Areas of Research Interest (ARIs) within parliament.

You can register your expertise and research insights into this ARI by clicking the button below.