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Hosting Policy Fellows: a guide for Higher Education Institutions

A guide for universities to create a fellowship programme for policy professionals to meet academics to discuss their policy questions.

Policy Fellowships, where academics and policy professionals spend time in each other’s organisations to exchange knowledge, are becoming a far more visible and common method of supporting academic-policy engagement. From 2020-22 CAPE adapted the model pioneered by the Cambridge Centre for Science and Policy (CSaP) to run a pilot collaborative Policy Fellowship programme, whereby policy professionals spent time in CAPE universities meeting academics and research services staff.

Based upon our experience, our guide ‘Hosting Policy Fellows: a guide for Higher Education Institutions’ shares knowledge, processes, and procedures of setting up and delivering a Policy Fellowship programme alongside indications of resourcing and timelines. It also provides templates that universities can use.

Our aim is to support HEIs who wish to run, formalise, or get involved in existing Policy Fellowship programmes as part of their wider academic-policy engagement strategies. If you’re planning on using the guide, we’d love your feedback so get in touch!