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CAPE fellow to work with Department of Culture, Media & Sport to develop Areas of Research Interest (ARI) 

We are pleased to announce our fellowship with the Department of Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) has been taken up by fellow Elizbeth Lomas, Associate Professor in Information Governance at University College London.

DCMS is currently outlining its plans to refresh its Areas of Research Interest (ARI) document, which will outline the Department’s research needs through a series of questions. Lead by the Department’s Chief Scientific Advisor (CSA), Elizabeth will support this project through external engagement, governance and evaluation of the process. As CAPE fellow, Elizabeth will also ensure that experts, researchers and industry professionals can see and understand DCMS’ research priorities, so that they are able to engage productively with DCMS policymakers to support policies with robust and strong evidence bases.

Speaking of the fellowship, Chief Scientific Advisor for DCMS Tom Rodden said –

DCMS has rapidly grown in size and scope in recent years and as Chief Scientific Advisor I am keen to reflect this growth with the types of research we draw upon. We are really excited to have Dr Lomas here with us, bringing her wealth of experience and research know-how to the department. Her work to support my team on developing our ARIs will help us communicate to the research community effectively and encourage positive engagement with the science world. I am also deeply supportive of the cross-departmental learning that the CAPE fellowship will allow, ensuring we share our learning with my fellow CSAs and wider policymaking community

Professor Tom Rodden, Chief Scientific Advisor, DCMS

Elizabeth will also be liaising with DCMS’ new College of Experts, Science Advisory Council and collaboration with organisations such as the Universities Policy Engagement Network (UPEN) and UKRI research councils.

On the fellowship, Elizabeth commented –

I am excited to be taking up a CAPE fellowship with DCMS and to work with teams on shaping their research focus through the ARIs and increased stakeholder engagement. DCMS holds a pivotal role in improving lives across the UK. It balances a large portfolio of public policy agendas from the national data strategy and digital infrastructure to civil society and youth through to sport, culture and tourism. In all of these arenas there are largescale complex societal challenges and a need for targeted public policy work. Better connecting academics, industry and government research will ensure the delivery of well informed and far-sighted policies. I hope to play a role in facilitating and maximizing these connections.

Elizabeth Lomas, Assistant Professor in Information Governance, UCL

Keep an eye out for our learning from this project as it progresses.

If you’re interested in finding out more about this fellowship contact [email protected]