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CAPEcast episode 4: An inside look into the Ministry of Justice’s Evidence and Partnerships Hub

In our fourth episode of CAPEcast, our podcast exploring academic-policy engagement, Kayleigh Renberg-Fawcett talks to Amy Summerfield, Head of Evidence and Partnerships in Data and Analysis (formerly the Data and Analytical Services Directorate) at the Ministry of Justice (MOJ). We take an inside look into how the MOJ is structured and why they created their Evidence and Partnerships Hub, which provides a centralised and dedicated function within the department to allow MOJ colleagues to make the best use of academic expertise. Through this, they are engaging with academics to transform the way evidence is used to generate policy insights, and to embed the culture change of using data and evidence differently.

In particular, we talk about the ways in which the Hub is already engaging with academic researchers and universities, through their Academic Network (which they are keen to expand), the CAPE partnership and their seminar series where academics can share their work with policymakers and government analysts.

We also discuss what has been working well so far and how academic researchers are helping the MOJ tackle critical evidence gaps outlined in the MoJ Areas of Research Interest 2020. Amy highlights that as long as dialogue is open and honest, the differences in language and priority between policy and academia can be incredibly fruitful, bringing rise to new perspectives.

We finish our chat by sharing how academics can engage and get involved with the work of the Hub and the MOJ.

CAPE and Ministry of Justice Partnership

CAPE and the MOJ have been collaborating throughout 2021 on a year-long pilot project with the aim of learning more about effective modes of knowledge exchange and addressing key evidence gaps in the MoJ Areas of Research Interest (ARI) publication. Find out more about the partnership.

Read the transcript for episode 4.