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National Policy Perceptions: Only two weeks left!

CAPE invites you to share your thoughts, reflections and experiences of academic-policy engagement. The survey is anonymous, open to all Higher Education professionals in the UK and should take no longer than 15 minutes of your time.

We hope that your reflections and experiences will contribute to an evidence base as to what might help better support higher education professionals to collaborate with public policy organisations to deliver stronger, evidence-based public policy. In particular, we aim to understand the following:

  1. How (and how often) HE professionals across all job families currently engages and/or supports with public policy.
  2. Where the barriers are, and what infrastructure is needed to support equal, inclusive and active participation the policy landscape of the future.

We are especially keen to hear from those who are under-represented in the landscape and or/from those who might be interested in participating but face barriers, professional or otherwise.

The findings will be used to inform the wider sector, including policy networks, funders and CAPE’s policy partners. At CAPE, we will use the findings to understand how our mechanisms for engagement can best support universities and their staff to engage with the policy landscape.

A short summary paper will be produced to summarise findings and will be published on the CAPE website.

If you are a higher education professional, please help us understand how you engage and what might better support you in the future by completing our survey below

The Survey will operate on a rolling deadline. The first deadline to respond by is November 30th 2021.