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CAPE Policy Challenge Process

How to pitch  

Selected applicants will be invited to give a 5-10 minute to pitch to the CAPE Challenge panel, followed by up to 10 minutes of questions from the panel. Applicants can use visuals during their pitch.  

Pitches will be assessed on the following: 

Relevance (20%) 

The extent to which the proposal addresses an aspect of the policy challenge which has been set. 

Engagement (20%) 

The scope for increasing academic-policy engagement through the proposal 

Impact (20%) 

The scope for enhancing research impact on policy through the proposal 

Creativity (20%) 

How innovative the proposal is in addressing the policy challenge 

Feasibility (20%) 

The general credibility of the application and pitch and the extent to which it is expected to meet objectives 

Pitches will take place virtually.  

The Panel 

The CAPE Challenge Panel will consist of members of the CAPE team and the policy stakeholders who proposed the challenge(s).  

How to prepare your pitch 

Selected applicant’s pitches should demonstrate a feasible policy engagement strategy and implementation plan that speaks to the particular policy challenge to which you are responding. You should cover: 

You might also wish to consider value for money and time frame, and any additional context you want the panel to be aware of.