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Reports and publications

Report: Perceptions and Experiences of Academic Policy Engagement in UK Higher Education Institutions 

Following a CAPE survey, we are pleased to publish our report Perceptions and Experiences of Academic Policy Engagement in UK Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). In the report we explore what academic policy engagement means, what the experience of engaging is like on the ground, and what a ‘good outcome’ looks like to both academics and professional services staff.

Our key findings highlighted that:

  • Academics and professional services across UK HEIs are committed to trying to effect change through academic policy engagement.
  • Relationships matter both in the act of engaging with policy and also the outcome of that engagement.
  • Engaging with policy can be rewarding for academics but it is also hard work and time intensive.
  • Better systems and structures are needed to support engagement: more time, funding, and reward should be given especially earlier in academic careers. Professional services need improved career trajectories.

Lessons from literature and practice: how to support successful academic-policy engagement

With increasing scholarly investigation of academic-policy engagement in recent years, we explore what common insights are emerging from this literature and what this tells us about how to have successful engagement in practice.

Journal article: What works to promote research-policy engagement?

Paper from Transforming Evidence, CAPE’s evaluation team, reviewing current research policy engagement activities from organisations world-wide. Their research finds that most initiatives do not draw on existing evidence and theory and are unevaluated.  Future initiatives need to be based upon evidence of what works.